Wareham Mx LLC

January 31st, 5:46 pm

We are open Sunday 10 a.m. Until 4 p.m. For all ages and abilities. Studded tires are required it's too icy not to have them. The entire motocross track will be open and the J day extreme section will still be on the front straight so be careful. ... See MoreSee Less

Wareham Mx LLC

January 30th, 7:43 pm

The course is looking absolutely perfect for tomorrow! All the parking lots are plowed very well any size vehicle small or large can make it in no problem. Gates open at 6 racing starts at 8! ... See MoreSee Less

Wareham Mx LLC

January 27th, 5:10 pm

We will be open this sun after the j day event, you will need studded tires. We are going to leave the course the same as it was on the J day event with the extreme section still on the motocross track we will not use the whole woods loop though just some of it. ... See MoreSee Less

Wareham Mx LLC

January 25th, 11:41 am

Don't miss out on this Saturday's event! Conditions are going to be epic. ... See MoreSee Less

Wareham Mx LLC

January 23rd, 2:03 pm

Track is frozen and will be closed this weekend. Staring prep for the Jday so get ready for the first event of 2015!! ... See MoreSee Less


We are sorry for the inconvenience, the town shut down our new entrance. Please use the old entrance, 3042 cranberry hwy, Wareham ma 02538. Take a left before family pet, track entrance is on the right. Please take it slow. Track is absolutely perfect today!!